Canned Vegetables

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Cortas Hummos Tahina 185 gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 2.25

Cortas Hummos Tahina 400 gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 3.75

Epicure Organic Aduki Beans 400 Gm

Organic Aduki Beans
In Water With No Added Salt
ر.ق.‏‏ 9.50

Hanover Black Beans 439 Gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 7.75

KDD Tomato Paste 8 X 135 Gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 9.50

Libby's Chick Peas 400 Gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 3.25

Libby's Full Sliced Mushrooms 184 Gm

Full Sliced Mushrooms
95% Full Slices
Premium Quality
ر.ق.‏‏ 4.25

Libby's Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 425 Gm

Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn
Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients.
ر.ق.‏‏ 5.25

Libby's Pieces And Stems Mushrooms 400 Gm

Pieces And Stems Mushrooms
50% Full Slices
Premium Quality
ر.ق.‏‏ 6.50

Libby's Sliced Beets 425 Gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 5.25

Libby's Very Young And Tender Sweat Peas 425 Gm

Canned Sweet Peas
Young And Tender
Free From Genetically Modified
ر.ق.‏‏ 5.25

Maling Tomato Paste 198 gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 1.00

Nada Tomato Paste 8 x 135g

ر.ق.‏‏ 7.75

Pommi Tomato Puree 1 Kg

ر.ق.‏‏ 11.00

Saudi Tomato Paste 8x135 Gm

ر.ق.‏‏ 8.75